Pure Paleo P(r)issiness

This article differs from what I originally wrote. I’ve removed some names so as to ‘Preserve the Paleo Peace’ as it were. I recently rediscovered Paleo.

My original exposure to ‘Paleo’ was through Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’. I heard about other paleo authors much later, and one in particular was touted as either ‘one of’ the founders or THE founder of ‘Paleo’ depending on who you talk to.

So I go to the site of this other fellow expecting to read some cool stuff.

The first article that I was directed to seemed to be a massive rant about everyone else in the Paleo community. In short, he lambastes people he considers to be unprofessional, nonacademic, non-credentialed individuals, non-experts. In other words, pretty much everyone but himself.

He says that these ‘charismatic authorities’ basically unduly influence ‘hundreds of thousands’ of individuals, with zero basis at all, other than their own opinions and limited understanding. He continues to lambaste saying most are untrained in research, have a minimal understanding of the scientific method at best, and know jack squat about.. well… jack squat.

He also feels the need to mention how everyone else has ‘limited publication record’.

Yea, newer people do tend to have a limited publication record.

He then goes on to give an exhausting summary of his credentials, and summarizing with we are too untrained to comprehend the research papers we may read. Wow.

The whole thing is one big e-peen TLDR.

In my mind, several points jumped out immediately:

1.) He sounds like a total dick.
2.) He could be completely correct in his analysis.
3.) That doesn’t make him sound any less like a total dick.

Advice: Less dick, more love there guy.

You want to sell a concept or idea: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. You may be 100% correct, but if you come across as a royal jerk towards the regular blogger, people are going to go elsewhere. There are other people doing this. Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf, to name a few.

Though, Mark Sisson, as extremely well researched and educated as he is just might fall into the target for this little rant of a post by Mr. Knowitall, as Mark is merely an educated layman, and not a scientist, or doctor, or PhD muckedy muck. But wait, he doesn’t have the proper training to properly interpret the research papers he may read.

Could have fooled me. He sure sounds like he knows what he’s talking about after years and years of research on the matter. I guess if we don’t all get our Paleo knowledge from Sir Muckedy Muck, PhD, we’re all doomed to fail, or worse yet, eat a lentil!

Honestly, it kind of sounds like someone is getting a bit pissy that other people are stealing his thunder. Pure Paleo P(r)issiness. 😛

And on a much less pissy note… PUPPY!


No, I don’t think the puppy is Paleo. No I don’t think he cares.

Personal Note…

Current weight: 209


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  1. Adam Spafford · January 25, 2016



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