Time for a Little Experiment

I think I’ve gotta ratchet a few things back

I’ve been told that the weight of the human body can shift by about 4 pounds daily. The first two weeks I lost 9 pounds solid. Now I seem to be ‘hovering’ at between 209 and 210 even though I’m eating the right things, and not eating the wrong things.

I haven’t lost any more weight and seem to be ‘stuck’.

I’ve been getting some walking in, but no exercise other than that.

So, over the next few days I’m going to be making a few alterations to portion size. I’m thinking my ‘big ass salad’ may just be a bit TOO ‘big ass’. Really, it’s huge. And it’s so delicious it’s hard to stop eating it. I’ve never reached a point where I’ve been ‘stuffed’ like I did on regular carb crap, but I think I need to stop eating when I reach a point where I’m not hungry anymore. Which means a much, much, much smaller salad. Or more cooking for more variety and eating something instead of the salad for lunch every day.

Now, I like cooking, but lately cooking has been such an incredible pain in the ass, considering that I already cook for the entire family from scratch 3x a day, including having to alter meal composition for ‘finicky’ family members and cook something special for them on the side. So the thought of having to cook more than 3x a day kind of chafes me.

Breakfast is usually eggs with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese

Lunch has been a BASS (Big Ass Super Salad) with lettuce, spinach, cabbage, celery, carrots, tomatoes, an avocado, cucumber, fresh cilantro, olives, and fresh homemade olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. Then there’s a handful of protein on top. Either chicken, beef, or pork. Most of the time I put another tiny sprinkling of shredded cheddar on the salad.

Supper either I’ll cook something separate if all the family is home, such as chicken or fish with steamed veggies with some butter. If not, I’ll just do another BASS.

I don’t eat between meals and I don’t eat snacks.
I also wait until I’m actually hungry to eat.
So, time to find where the missing key here is.

Personal Note…

Current Weight: 209



  1. sarahg7 · January 27, 2016

    If you figure it out, let me know. This was pretty much the same spot I was at a couple weeks ago before I gave up (again).

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    • caforager · January 27, 2016

      Well if it’s one thing I know, it’s that traditional ‘diets’ don’t work. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing a Paleo lifestyle change. It’s not a ‘diet’, it’s a whole change of everything from the ground up. Mostly, it’s been working wonderfully thus far. Yea there were some serious energy hurdles to overcome in the beginning ditching sugars and carbs, but after that, it’s been pretty smooth sailing overall.

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      • sarahg7 · January 27, 2016

        I’ve found a lot of different information about this stuff, but my main problem is actually making meal plans. I suck at that. And that makes it harder to stick to.


      • caforager · January 27, 2016

        I don’t really do a ‘meal plan’. I just buy and cook what I like and what I know I’ll eat. I keep various meats on hand in the freezer so that when I’m in the mood for… say… stir fried pork, I just thaw it out around lunchtime mixing bowl full of hot water in the sink, and it’ll be ready to go by supper time.

        What makes it harder for me is that my house mates eat tons of junk and keep it in the main pantry, so when I’m in there trying to fix a healthy meal I’ve got chocolate chip cookies staring me in the face. (The bastiches!) 😛

        And of course kids want what they see, so even though my little one is doing AWESOME on Paleo, the minute she sees that box of chocolate chip cookies, she wants them. And she does a zillion times better sugar and gluten free. Like a whole new kid.

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      • sarahg7 · January 27, 2016

        I completely understand! My boyfriend brings home fast food all the time. It’s crazy.


  2. Adam Spafford · January 27, 2016

    Have you tried intermittent fasting yet? Eating most or all of your calories within a 4-5 hour window each day (whatever works best with your schedule) allows you to eat to full satiety (of the RIGHT foods, naturally) every single day. Your salad could be as big as you want, and you will still lose weight effortlessly without feeling deprived! Doing this in conjunction with taking small amounts of fat (preferably coconut oil, coconut milk, etc.) to keep your endocrine system from thinking there is famine afoot will keep your fat metabolism running more efficiently than it would during a water fast. Adding 1-2 days of total fasting each week (whiling taking a bit of fat several times a day), and bid farewell to that weight loss plateau forever!

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    • caforager · January 27, 2016

      No, I haven’t tried any fasting yet. I wanted to get the carbs and sugars out of my diet first.

      The intermittent fasting is certainly an idea to try now that I’ve dumped the vast majority of carbs and sugars. Thanks for the tip, Adam! 🙂

      So just eat my BASS, and then have a teaspoon of coconut oil or whatever during the day if I start feeling nommy?


      • Adam Spafford · January 27, 2016

        Getting the sugar and processed stuff out of your diet, then getting the right foods in is of course your primary objective, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job at that.
        Yes, I have a bit of fat when I wake up, then up to 2-3 more times throughout the day based on my hunger (FYI- this method of fasting has been proven to burn more dietary fat that water fasting, not just something I made up. I first read about this in an excellent book called Primal Mind, Primal Body).
        After you’ve eliminated your dependence on glucose in favor of kentones as fuel, fasting becomes much more efficient and effortless. I’m currently fasting 2 days a week (several days in between each fast and with the addition of fat taken sporadically throughout the day), and I can honestly say that on a ketogenic, nearly zero-carb diet, it’s effortless and done without second thought, especially with a tablespoon or so of coconut oil. Sometimes the best way to conquer hunger and cravings is to simply stop eating for a period. Once you settle into a pattern of feast/famine, you can almost mentally turn your appetite on or off.
        I would also recommend a book called The Warrior Diet if you’re feeling up to try some fasting. I could talk about this stuff all day, but feel free to email me at spaffs707@yahoo.com if you have any other questions or just feel like chatting and bouncing ideas around.


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