Paleo Without Meat and Chronic Cardio

I’m starting to see this in many places now. Is this even a thing?

How can one be ‘Paleo’ without meat?

I see an awful lot of people still pimpin’ the chronic cardio routine, saying they are vegetarian or vegan and Paleo.

Uhm. What?

Maybe I’ve missed something, and if I have, please feel free to fill me in…
But how can one be Vegetarian and Paleo?

You cannot POSSIBLY get the nutrients and saturated fats you need from plants only, without massively supplementing your diet with something artificial. Either that or maybe you live on an avocado farm.

And what’s with all the skinnyfat chicks and their endless marathon running classes I see everywhere?

That model is incredibly dangerous and very outdated. Even some of the top people who were professionals in the running sports will tell you that chronic cardio and endless running is bad for you. Mark Sisson, Brad Kearns, etc.

At the risk of someone getting their knickers in a wad, I’m just going to call a spade a spade here and let the dust settle where it may. I don’t any see guys offering these chronic cardio of doom classes. Not one. It’s only chicks.

The fact is that these people offering these chronic cardio and/or endless running classes, are mostly super skinny, somewhat pretty chicks who are using their bodies and beauty to peddle their business, and who are simply addicted to their cardio. Other women see it and say… hey, I want to look like that. She’s pretty and skinny, and I want to be like that too!

My wife did the chronic cardio thing for a while. And felt like crap every time she ‘missed’ a day of cardio. If it’s something that’s good for you, you won’t feel horrible if you miss a day. Or two or three or ten.

But it appeals to every woman’s inner need to be fit and desirable, and so, they get sucked into the endless black hole of chronic cardio. Little do they know how much they are harming themselves.

They are promoting and charging money for people to come to their ‘classes’, to do what?

Learn how to eat wrong and get life long systemic inflammation leading to body malfunction and diabetes? Hmm… seems like they aren’t advertising it as that.
Likely they have NO IDEA how harmful what they are ‘teaching’ people really is.
Which baffles me though. How can they say they are ‘Paleo’, and have studied any of it whatsoever, and think chronic cardio is GOOD for you?

I don’t know what books they are reading, but they don’t seem to be the right ones.
You can always tell people who are sugar burners. They may be slim, but their faces are gaunt and stretched. Especially if they are in their late 30’s or older. Their faces are… almost fake looking, like canvas is stretched too far. Vs someone who’s older, even in their 60’s, and truly Paleo, and looks fantastic. They’ll have a full face, not gaunt. If someone’s face is gaunt, even if they LOOK slim, chances are, their body is in some sort of major chronic malfunction.

But why do all these people just run, run run?

I guess they run because they’re addicted to it. Ever try to get a hardcore runner to stop running and slow down a bit and stop the chronic cardio? Good luck. I’m convinced that the 20+ years of my friend’s constant daily chronic cardio and running/jogging contributed highly to her health decline as she got older. She also ate primarily carbs when she was in her 20’s to 40’s, convinced that it was ‘the best’ thing for her. Now at age 60, she has a list of health problems a mile long, but isn’t convinced that her diet of carbs and sugars was or is to blame. Some people you really can’t reach… because they don’t WANT to be reached.

I used to be in track when I was in high school. But I didn’t last long. I absolutely hated it. It felt like something my body should absolutely NOT be doing. Running, running, running, constant jogging. Something told me, even way back then, that this was not the way to go.

I could sprint just fine. And I could walk all day long from point A to point B. I used to walk and bike everywhere. A 20 mile walk in a day, used to not be a big thing for me.

But the running and all that jarring motion on my joints told me that whilst it might be OK for some people, it’s definitely not OK for me.

And to the women out there. Don’t get sucked into this chronic cardio crap. It’s NOT the way to go, even if it does shed some pounds. Love yourself as you are first. True weight loss will happen when you eat the right things and will happen naturally with very little effort. You don’t need to be ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ to get a great figure and feel good about yourself.

It’s like Adam Spafford said the other day: Better health? Love thyself.

If you first love yourself, beyond all else, and worth from that paradigm, the body and the energy will naturally follow once you start doing the right things.

So chin up, give yourself a big hug, and kick that chronic cardio crap to the curb where it belongs!



  1. Adam Spafford · January 30, 2016

    Couldn’t agree more! The fact that chronic cardio is still so accepted and promoted by the mainstream is nothing short of baffling. But, like the fallacious demonization of cholesterol, saturated fat, etc., once an idea has been established and accepted, it can take a very… long… time… for the populous to catch up.


  2. caforager · January 30, 2016

    I was just in the local Barnes and Noble picking up a copy of The Primal Blueprint in hardover (sick of that damn ebook that glues me to the monitor), and I picked up a copy of Loren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet as well. But that’s a side not. The point is I actually saw a book there in the Paleo section called ‘The Paleo Vegetarian Diet’.

    Apparently, to my utter shock, it IS a thing. A brief search on Amazon turned up a serious number of hits on the terms ‘Vegetarian Paleo’. I’d really like to know what the point of NOT eating meat is. I mean seriously… there can’t be THAT many people out there who are against eating meat for ‘philosophical’ reasons. (And probably half of them are here in CA…)

    I mean… I applaud people who kick the sugar and soy and all that, just going what I’d consider ‘Half Ass Paleo’, seems like an awful lot of work and expense to avoid eating a piece of chicken…


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