Inspiring People

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time listening to some of the old archived The Primal Blueprint podcasts on my ipod, as I can do so whilst going about my day doing other things.

They cover a wide variety of topics of course. The one I’m going to touch on today is something that Tony Federico of Paleo Magazine said. (He was being interviewed by The Primal Blueprint’s Elle Russ.)

He talks about getting his foot in the door in the Paleo world by basically a ‘cold call’ interview with Mark Sisson. He was first turned down, but was persistent, and Mark decided to give him an interview. Eventually he was able to get Paleo Magazine interested in it, and finally makes it as an online article at Paleo Magazine. He then makes some contacts through Paleo Magazine gets to go to PaleoFX.

Long story short is that he persisted in what he believed in, and now is a very well known personality in the Paleo community.

I found that story to be quite inspiring.

Elle Russ goes on to say that – “Perseverance works. When you really pursue what you love, it eventually does work out.”

Tony continues talking about a testament to the power of a single interaction. That one simple interaction where you took the time to help someone instead of blow them off, can change someone’s life forever for the better. Tony went from a total newbie in the Paleo community, to someone who’s very well known and hosting a weekly podcast for Paleo Magazine. That’s something we could all learn from, I think.

He comments that someone could be listening to ‘this’ podcast and become inspired to do their own thing. That it’s ripples in a pond.

“When you are in this world where you are focused to help people, literally truly trying to help people, and I think that’s so needed. There’s plenty of things you can do to ‘make money’, plenty of jobs, plenty of ways to occupy your time. But if you’re really dedicated to how do I reach people, help people, and from a genuine authentic place. And it’s not about making people feel bad about themselves, it’s about building them up and giving them tools that they can use and empowering them to make themselves and this world a better place… that is a powerful thing. That’s a very real thing that I’ve experienced, and I think that if we can all get on this train, if we’re talking to our friends and talking to our family and we’re excited about this stuff, and we’re living it, we don’t even necessarily have to beat people over the head with it, if we just put that energy out there I think that we can change the world. That might seem like a lofty goal, but even if you change your own life, that little world that you live in now is different. And enough of those start happening, enough of these fires start burning, and the whole world’s gonna catch on fire, in a great way, in a good way.”

I’ve thought this way for many years, but have never heard anyone else speak of it in this way or validate it in any manner.

Every interaction we have with someone, be it good, bad, or indifferent, affects and shapes their world, and the world around them.

Indeed something to be mindful of!

Who knows when a moment of your time and a kind word or two will change someone’s life forever for the better!


I also just recently found out from that interview that Paleo Magazine Radio, which you can find here, has something like 140 podcasts that you can listen to for free. I’m busy downloading a bunch as I type this.

Tons and tons of Paleo goodness to listen to during my other doings. Tony Federico also has a great speaking voice and he’s easy to listen to, so that really helps.


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