Serious Male Depression is Epidemic in Western Countries

Feeling depressed mates? Low testosterone may be to blame. It really is just that simple.


Nowadays men in the West have lower testosterone levels than any time ever in our history.

I could bore you with a long lecture about how it got this way, from all the soy and the phytoestrogens in the food in darn near everything we consume in the Western world.

But, I’d much rather just skip all that and point you to the solution.
The good news is that a simple resistance training program can help.

Eat better, lift some weights, and voila! Your testosterone rises, and your depression goes away.

Step 1: Eat better. I’d suggest going Paleo, but that’s up to you. At the very least, massively reduce sugars and carbs in your diet. It certainly can’t hurt.

Step 2: Lift some weights. The cost for this can be as much or as little as your budget allows. If you can afford it, join a gym and get a trainer. If you can’t, and have only lint in your pocket at the moment, then look up on the net strength training exercises that you can do using only your own body, such as pushups, situps, etc. A cheap pair of dumbells also works nicely for this. Most people also know someone who has weight equipment just collecting dust in their basement or garage. A polite inquiry may net you these tools to use for yourself at pennies on the dollar or even free if they just want to get rid of them!

Step 3: Enjoy a better body, better health, and better mood than ever before.
Of course, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic overview.

If you are serious about changing your life and your health, I’d read ‘The Primal Blueprint‘ by Mark Sisson.

Next when you are ready to get really serious, read ‘Muscle Up‘ by P.D. Mangan. At the end of the book in Chapter 9, you will get some instruction on how to get started in your strength training.

More on this later, but I figured I’d get a solution for the basics out there to get you started.

Male depression due to low testosterone is rampant in Western Civilization, and it’s high time we addressed it and eliminated it.


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