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I’ve launched a new blog for Non-Paleo related stuff. You can find it here.


What’s in a piece of paper?

I’ve not posted much to the blog the last week or so. I’ve been visiting other Paleo blogs and websites, and reading Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint and P.D. Mangan’s “Muscle Up”.

Awesome books by the way. So I’ve been quite busy, just not very ‘visible’ the past week.

In regards to the Paleo blogs and websites…

Everyone seems to be scrambling for validation these days. Everyone’s all of  sudden an ‘Expert’, and trying to convince you to steer clear of those who are not. Heck, I don’t know if ‘Paleo’ as a concept has even been around long enough to have any true ‘Experts’. Just folks who have found things that work and things that don’t.

Perhaps the worst of them all are those who clutch onto their various degrees and certifications like it’s Linus’ blanket. They are insecure without it, and seek to find their little “I’m better than you because of my piece of paper” niche.
It seems to be oft used as a truncheon to elevate themselves above the rest and hammer down on people who they consider to be ‘less than’ they are. Especially people who do not have a certain piece of paper, or who are not an ‘Expert’.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are certain things that I want to make sure people are highly trained and skilled on. Someone who’s working on the re-entry orbit for the space shuttle, or performing brain surgery, for examples.

It’s also good to give you a rough idea if the person is competent in their chosen field to teach others certain concepts. I think things like Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Certification is a great idea. It offers a great base to START from for people who want to pursue teaching and helping others. This isn’t about that.
I’m talking about the epic ‘hoity-toitery’, that infects nearly everything in our world. Even the Paleo movement.

I don’t think you need a ‘Cordon Bleu’ trained chef to figure out how to cook your dead animals tastily, nor do you need someone with a PhD to validate whether you are or are not correct about a research paper that you have the intelligence to read and decipher yourself.

I’m not trying to burn any bridges here, really. It just seriously bugs me that people think that a piece of paper somehow defines and/or limits the abilities or cognitive abilities of another individual.

Ok, bugs me is not the right term for it. It seriously pisses me off.

And they always seem to be ENDLESSLY marketing something. I get like 3 emails each from some of these people’s sites a day because I was naive enough to sign up on their email list when I first got into Paleo. (Some of the more egregious of whom I’ve cancelled the email subscription to.

Now, all of this falls under the category of what not to do in regards to my post on ‘Inspiring People’.

If you are a hoity-toity PhD expert in… whatever… you don’t validate yourself by endlessly bashing everyone else in order to justify your existence. If you think that people are incorrect about something, correct them. Even provide the research that points to this conclusion so they can find and understand the answer on their own.

But don’t sit there like a jackass and act like you are the only person on the planet capable of correctly interpreting this information because of your high-falootin’ special training and piece of paper.

Maybe they don’t have as in-depth of an understanding of a topic as you do. And that’s OK. Even if you are the world’s foremost expert on XYZ that still doesn’t give you the right to treat other people like they are complete and total idiots.

I think some of the so called ‘Experts’ in this movement, including even some of the so called ‘founders’, have said their piece, have staked their claim, and now through jealously of them not being the popular kid at school anymore, feel threatened by new arrivals, and so lash out.

And, ultimately, are doing the movement more harm than good. Maybe, just maybe, they should take their millions and retire so they can do something other than insult people all day long and drag the movement down with the weight of their enormous egos.

As a note and to avoid possible confusion, neither Mark Sisson, nor P.D. Mangan do this. They’re great. Their information is well thought out, researched, and helpful, and they themselves are very approachable. We should all strive to be a bit more like that.

I’d like to see this healthy way of eating and living expand and become the ‘norm’ for humanity instead of the exception. And for that to happen, the Paleo movement needs to grow in a positive direction, and people need to get off their asses and start resistance training. Young and old, for better health, and to stay healthy long into ‘old age’.

In essence, there’s enough pure unadulterated bullshit out there to bash without having to bring down the movement by the incessant infantile infighting as to who’s ‘rightest’.

(Yes, I know that’s not a word.) 😛

Take the high road people. At the very least you’ll be well positioned to piss on the hats of your true enemies! 😉

Inspiring People

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time listening to some of the old archived The Primal Blueprint podcasts on my ipod, as I can do so whilst going about my day doing other things.

They cover a wide variety of topics of course. The one I’m going to touch on today is something that Tony Federico of Paleo Magazine said. (He was being interviewed by The Primal Blueprint’s Elle Russ.)

He talks about getting his foot in the door in the Paleo world by basically a ‘cold call’ interview with Mark Sisson. He was first turned down, but was persistent, and Mark decided to give him an interview. Eventually he was able to get Paleo Magazine interested in it, and finally makes it as an online article at Paleo Magazine. He then makes some contacts through Paleo Magazine gets to go to PaleoFX.

Long story short is that he persisted in what he believed in, and now is a very well known personality in the Paleo community.

I found that story to be quite inspiring.

Elle Russ goes on to say that – “Perseverance works. When you really pursue what you love, it eventually does work out.”

Tony continues talking about a testament to the power of a single interaction. That one simple interaction where you took the time to help someone instead of blow them off, can change someone’s life forever for the better. Tony went from a total newbie in the Paleo community, to someone who’s very well known and hosting a weekly podcast for Paleo Magazine. That’s something we could all learn from, I think.

He comments that someone could be listening to ‘this’ podcast and become inspired to do their own thing. That it’s ripples in a pond.

“When you are in this world where you are focused to help people, literally truly trying to help people, and I think that’s so needed. There’s plenty of things you can do to ‘make money’, plenty of jobs, plenty of ways to occupy your time. But if you’re really dedicated to how do I reach people, help people, and from a genuine authentic place. And it’s not about making people feel bad about themselves, it’s about building them up and giving them tools that they can use and empowering them to make themselves and this world a better place… that is a powerful thing. That’s a very real thing that I’ve experienced, and I think that if we can all get on this train, if we’re talking to our friends and talking to our family and we’re excited about this stuff, and we’re living it, we don’t even necessarily have to beat people over the head with it, if we just put that energy out there I think that we can change the world. That might seem like a lofty goal, but even if you change your own life, that little world that you live in now is different. And enough of those start happening, enough of these fires start burning, and the whole world’s gonna catch on fire, in a great way, in a good way.”

I’ve thought this way for many years, but have never heard anyone else speak of it in this way or validate it in any manner.

Every interaction we have with someone, be it good, bad, or indifferent, affects and shapes their world, and the world around them.

Indeed something to be mindful of!

Who knows when a moment of your time and a kind word or two will change someone’s life forever for the better!


I also just recently found out from that interview that Paleo Magazine Radio, which you can find here, has something like 140 podcasts that you can listen to for free. I’m busy downloading a bunch as I type this.

Tons and tons of Paleo goodness to listen to during my other doings. Tony Federico also has a great speaking voice and he’s easy to listen to, so that really helps.

Paleo Without Meat and Chronic Cardio

I’m starting to see this in many places now. Is this even a thing?

How can one be ‘Paleo’ without meat?

I see an awful lot of people still pimpin’ the chronic cardio routine, saying they are vegetarian or vegan and Paleo.

Uhm. What?

Maybe I’ve missed something, and if I have, please feel free to fill me in…
But how can one be Vegetarian and Paleo?

You cannot POSSIBLY get the nutrients and saturated fats you need from plants only, without massively supplementing your diet with something artificial. Either that or maybe you live on an avocado farm.

And what’s with all the skinnyfat chicks and their endless marathon running classes I see everywhere?

That model is incredibly dangerous and very outdated. Even some of the top people who were professionals in the running sports will tell you that chronic cardio and endless running is bad for you. Mark Sisson, Brad Kearns, etc.

At the risk of someone getting their knickers in a wad, I’m just going to call a spade a spade here and let the dust settle where it may. I don’t any see guys offering these chronic cardio of doom classes. Not one. It’s only chicks.

The fact is that these people offering these chronic cardio and/or endless running classes, are mostly super skinny, somewhat pretty chicks who are using their bodies and beauty to peddle their business, and who are simply addicted to their cardio. Other women see it and say… hey, I want to look like that. She’s pretty and skinny, and I want to be like that too!

My wife did the chronic cardio thing for a while. And felt like crap every time she ‘missed’ a day of cardio. If it’s something that’s good for you, you won’t feel horrible if you miss a day. Or two or three or ten.

But it appeals to every woman’s inner need to be fit and desirable, and so, they get sucked into the endless black hole of chronic cardio. Little do they know how much they are harming themselves.

They are promoting and charging money for people to come to their ‘classes’, to do what?

Learn how to eat wrong and get life long systemic inflammation leading to body malfunction and diabetes? Hmm… seems like they aren’t advertising it as that.
Likely they have NO IDEA how harmful what they are ‘teaching’ people really is.
Which baffles me though. How can they say they are ‘Paleo’, and have studied any of it whatsoever, and think chronic cardio is GOOD for you?

I don’t know what books they are reading, but they don’t seem to be the right ones.
You can always tell people who are sugar burners. They may be slim, but their faces are gaunt and stretched. Especially if they are in their late 30’s or older. Their faces are… almost fake looking, like canvas is stretched too far. Vs someone who’s older, even in their 60’s, and truly Paleo, and looks fantastic. They’ll have a full face, not gaunt. If someone’s face is gaunt, even if they LOOK slim, chances are, their body is in some sort of major chronic malfunction.

But why do all these people just run, run run?

I guess they run because they’re addicted to it. Ever try to get a hardcore runner to stop running and slow down a bit and stop the chronic cardio? Good luck. I’m convinced that the 20+ years of my friend’s constant daily chronic cardio and running/jogging contributed highly to her health decline as she got older. She also ate primarily carbs when she was in her 20’s to 40’s, convinced that it was ‘the best’ thing for her. Now at age 60, she has a list of health problems a mile long, but isn’t convinced that her diet of carbs and sugars was or is to blame. Some people you really can’t reach… because they don’t WANT to be reached.

I used to be in track when I was in high school. But I didn’t last long. I absolutely hated it. It felt like something my body should absolutely NOT be doing. Running, running, running, constant jogging. Something told me, even way back then, that this was not the way to go.

I could sprint just fine. And I could walk all day long from point A to point B. I used to walk and bike everywhere. A 20 mile walk in a day, used to not be a big thing for me.

But the running and all that jarring motion on my joints told me that whilst it might be OK for some people, it’s definitely not OK for me.

And to the women out there. Don’t get sucked into this chronic cardio crap. It’s NOT the way to go, even if it does shed some pounds. Love yourself as you are first. True weight loss will happen when you eat the right things and will happen naturally with very little effort. You don’t need to be ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ to get a great figure and feel good about yourself.

It’s like Adam Spafford said the other day: Better health? Love thyself.

If you first love yourself, beyond all else, and worth from that paradigm, the body and the energy will naturally follow once you start doing the right things.

So chin up, give yourself a big hug, and kick that chronic cardio crap to the curb where it belongs!


Why hello  everyone, it’s FRIDAY!


Everyone always looks forward to Fridays. Not me. Fridays are usually my busiest day of the week.

A day is a day is a day. Though to be honest, I am looking forward to this weekend, even though it won’t really be much of a weekend. (The housemates will be gone!) Still, some break from the usual humdrum is better than none, and one must focus on the small victories and breaks where one can get them.

Still, an actual, honest to goodness ‘day off’ where I don’t have to do ANYTHING I don’t want to do that day, and can just snuggle with the wifey and read quietly for the entire day would be heaven. Haven’t had a day like that in years. But, it shall come again one day…

Right now I’d just be happy if I had the time to get through my first full reading of The Primal Blueprint. Unfortunately it’s in e-book form, and I don’t have an e-reader. So, I have to sit at the desktop whilst reading it, which means I have to be in my room at my desk in my chair to be able to do so, instead of being able to sneak off to some far corner of the house or the yard or take a walk and be able to just read.

Note to self: E-books are great, but nothing replaces a good old fashioned hard copy of a book that you can take anywhere! (And yea, I’ll get an e-reader eventually, but I only have a handful of e-books at the moment and don’t have the budget for a reader at this point in time.)

Task for the day: Cleaning house. Might not sound like much, but you haven’t seen this house. It’s fricking HUGE. So huge it has ‘wings’. And no, it’s not my house either. I’d never own something this monstrous and difficult to clean, even if I had the money. I’m just a house mate. But on the plus side, I get paid a pittance to clean up after other people, so that all goes into the Paleo fund. And, I do get a hell of a workout doing it.

So even though I hate it, loathe it even, it all contributes to the greater good.

Just… gotta… get… through…it… today… argh!


Unfortunately what happens on the island doesn’t always stay on the island. Does anyone know if Napalm works as a house cleanser?

Personal Note:

Current Weight: 208. Yay for calorie burning manual labor.

Time for a Little Experiment

I think I’ve gotta ratchet a few things back

I’ve been told that the weight of the human body can shift by about 4 pounds daily. The first two weeks I lost 9 pounds solid. Now I seem to be ‘hovering’ at between 209 and 210 even though I’m eating the right things, and not eating the wrong things.

I haven’t lost any more weight and seem to be ‘stuck’.

I’ve been getting some walking in, but no exercise other than that.

So, over the next few days I’m going to be making a few alterations to portion size. I’m thinking my ‘big ass salad’ may just be a bit TOO ‘big ass’. Really, it’s huge. And it’s so delicious it’s hard to stop eating it. I’ve never reached a point where I’ve been ‘stuffed’ like I did on regular carb crap, but I think I need to stop eating when I reach a point where I’m not hungry anymore. Which means a much, much, much smaller salad. Or more cooking for more variety and eating something instead of the salad for lunch every day.

Now, I like cooking, but lately cooking has been such an incredible pain in the ass, considering that I already cook for the entire family from scratch 3x a day, including having to alter meal composition for ‘finicky’ family members and cook something special for them on the side. So the thought of having to cook more than 3x a day kind of chafes me.

Breakfast is usually eggs with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese

Lunch has been a BASS (Big Ass Super Salad) with lettuce, spinach, cabbage, celery, carrots, tomatoes, an avocado, cucumber, fresh cilantro, olives, and fresh homemade olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. Then there’s a handful of protein on top. Either chicken, beef, or pork. Most of the time I put another tiny sprinkling of shredded cheddar on the salad.

Supper either I’ll cook something separate if all the family is home, such as chicken or fish with steamed veggies with some butter. If not, I’ll just do another BASS.

I don’t eat between meals and I don’t eat snacks.
I also wait until I’m actually hungry to eat.
So, time to find where the missing key here is.

Personal Note…

Current Weight: 209

Pure Paleo P(r)issiness

This article differs from what I originally wrote. I’ve removed some names so as to ‘Preserve the Paleo Peace’ as it were. I recently rediscovered Paleo.

My original exposure to ‘Paleo’ was through Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’. I heard about other paleo authors much later, and one in particular was touted as either ‘one of’ the founders or THE founder of ‘Paleo’ depending on who you talk to.

So I go to the site of this other fellow expecting to read some cool stuff.

The first article that I was directed to seemed to be a massive rant about everyone else in the Paleo community. In short, he lambastes people he considers to be unprofessional, nonacademic, non-credentialed individuals, non-experts. In other words, pretty much everyone but himself.

He says that these ‘charismatic authorities’ basically unduly influence ‘hundreds of thousands’ of individuals, with zero basis at all, other than their own opinions and limited understanding. He continues to lambaste saying most are untrained in research, have a minimal understanding of the scientific method at best, and know jack squat about.. well… jack squat.

He also feels the need to mention how everyone else has ‘limited publication record’.

Yea, newer people do tend to have a limited publication record.

He then goes on to give an exhausting summary of his credentials, and summarizing with we are too untrained to comprehend the research papers we may read. Wow.

The whole thing is one big e-peen TLDR.

In my mind, several points jumped out immediately:

1.) He sounds like a total dick.
2.) He could be completely correct in his analysis.
3.) That doesn’t make him sound any less like a total dick.

Advice: Less dick, more love there guy.

You want to sell a concept or idea: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. You may be 100% correct, but if you come across as a royal jerk towards the regular blogger, people are going to go elsewhere. There are other people doing this. Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf, to name a few.

Though, Mark Sisson, as extremely well researched and educated as he is just might fall into the target for this little rant of a post by Mr. Knowitall, as Mark is merely an educated layman, and not a scientist, or doctor, or PhD muckedy muck. But wait, he doesn’t have the proper training to properly interpret the research papers he may read.

Could have fooled me. He sure sounds like he knows what he’s talking about after years and years of research on the matter. I guess if we don’t all get our Paleo knowledge from Sir Muckedy Muck, PhD, we’re all doomed to fail, or worse yet, eat a lentil!

Honestly, it kind of sounds like someone is getting a bit pissy that other people are stealing his thunder. Pure Paleo P(r)issiness. 😛

And on a much less pissy note… PUPPY!


No, I don’t think the puppy is Paleo. No I don’t think he cares.

Personal Note…

Current weight: 209


Every day for lunch, I now make a salad.


These pictures were taken a few days ago, but I’m going to be making the same exact thing today for lunch, so might as well use the pictures I already have.

It’s a kickass salad containing Green Leaf Romaine lettuce, a handful of spinach, 3 heirloom carrots (usually a white, purple and orange one), 3-5 cherry heirloom tomatoes, a whole diced up avocado, a handful of chopped fresh cilantro, 2 stalks of celery, half a sliced up cucumber, a large handful of chopped up red cabbage, and a handful of black olives.

On top of all of that I put my kickass Paleoish Oil & Vinegar Dressing, and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. (Not Paleo, but a tiny sprinkling of ‘hard’ cheese hurts nothing, and even though I’m lactose intolerant, it’s not enough to bother me.)

Then on top of all of that, I add protein. Something stir fried if I make the time to do so, or lunch meat if I’m in a super hurry. And no ‘lunch meat’ usually isn’t very Paleo, but protein or no protein sometimes with kids and a very limited budget you have to decide just ‘how’ Paleo you are going to be that day and still eat decently.

In the pictures I’ve stir fried beef, which is what I’m going to be doing today.
The kid loves my salads. Sucks them down like a vacuum cleaner. The wife however, doesn’t do raw veggies. At all, never has, outright refuses. However, she WILL eat raw spinach as long as it has bacon bits and cheese on it, so we’ve reached an accord. So she just gets a spinach salad, with no dressing and with whatever protein I’m making. She’s very much down with stir fried dead critters, so that’s a big hit.

Here is a closer look at the salad:



Personal Note…

Current weight: 209

Primal Paleo Journey

Well I created this blog about 10 days ago as a placeholder so that I’d be able to enter in various thoughts, etc, for myself primally. (See what I did there?) 😉
Anyway, It’s been bare long enough, time to fill it with words!

It’s probably been about two weeks since I first started removing sugars and carbs from my diet. I started with sugar first. I’d been drinking several very large plastic cups of heavily sugared iced decaf coffee per day, after having kicking caffeine a few months back due to high blood pressure concerns in the 160/115 range.
That was my wake up call that something needed to drastically change. Over the past two years I’d allowed myself from overwhelming stress and poor dietary habits to go from about 185 pounds to a new record of 218 pounds!

After being put on high BP meds by my doctor, it came down into the 130’s /100ish range. Then it went to close to 120/80. Which is perfect, right? Wrong. The whole 120/80 thing is the ‘average’ BP and what is touted as the sweet spot, but it varies per individual.

Also, I found out from my pharmacist who’s been in the business for 45+ years, that all the BP average tests were done with people lying down in a bed in control studies. Not people sitting upright in a chair, like how they take your BP at the doctor. Results differ.

At 120/80 BP I feel exceedingly lightheaded. My feet also got swollen like balloons from the low BP not being able to push my blood around adequately. I’ve always had what I consider ‘poor circulation’, even since youth, so that didn’t help.

The first thing I did is cut out the sugar cold turkey. That saw an immediate improvement after about three days of being tired from lack of the sugar high all the time. Now I’m drinking about two regular coffee cups worth of decaf every day with either a teaspoon of almond milk (a little bit of sugar in there) or Trader Joe’s Coconut Beverage as a creamer. (Zero sugar in the TJ Coconut.) I’m also using Stevia in the Raw, which has Dextrose mixed in with it.

After that, I stopped taking my BP med. My BP is now in the 130/93 range without the med, which is better than where it was WITH the med and eating all the crappy carbs and sugars.

My BP can spike as high as 140 on a super stressful day, or if something snuck into my diet that shouldn’t have been there, but overall I feel fantastic compared to what I felt like only a few weeks ago.

Going forward I’ll be filling this blog with things as the mood strikes, though I’ll try to keep it updated semi-daily so as to have a record of progress. I’ll end it with my current weight, as a note to myself so I can easily track my progress as the weeks go on without having to note it down somewhere separately.

Current weight: 209