Every day for lunch, I now make a salad.


These pictures were taken a few days ago, but I’m going to be making the same exact thing today for lunch, so might as well use the pictures I already have.

It’s a kickass salad containing Green Leaf Romaine lettuce, a handful of spinach, 3 heirloom carrots (usually a white, purple and orange one), 3-5 cherry heirloom tomatoes, a whole diced up avocado, a handful of chopped fresh cilantro, 2 stalks of celery, half a sliced up cucumber, a large handful of chopped up red cabbage, and a handful of black olives.

On top of all of that I put my kickass Paleoish Oil & Vinegar Dressing, and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. (Not Paleo, but a tiny sprinkling of ‘hard’ cheese hurts nothing, and even though I’m lactose intolerant, it’s not enough to bother me.)

Then on top of all of that, I add protein. Something stir fried if I make the time to do so, or lunch meat if I’m in a super hurry. And no ‘lunch meat’ usually isn’t very Paleo, but protein or no protein sometimes with kids and a very limited budget you have to decide just ‘how’ Paleo you are going to be that day and still eat decently.

In the pictures I’ve stir fried beef, which is what I’m going to be doing today.
The kid loves my salads. Sucks them down like a vacuum cleaner. The wife however, doesn’t do raw veggies. At all, never has, outright refuses. However, she WILL eat raw spinach as long as it has bacon bits and cheese on it, so we’ve reached an accord. So she just gets a spinach salad, with no dressing and with whatever protein I’m making. She’s very much down with stir fried dead critters, so that’s a big hit.

Here is a closer look at the salad:



Personal Note…

Current weight: 209


Primal Paleo Journey

Well I created this blog about 10 days ago as a placeholder so that I’d be able to enter in various thoughts, etc, for myself primally. (See what I did there?) 😉
Anyway, It’s been bare long enough, time to fill it with words!

It’s probably been about two weeks since I first started removing sugars and carbs from my diet. I started with sugar first. I’d been drinking several very large plastic cups of heavily sugared iced decaf coffee per day, after having kicking caffeine a few months back due to high blood pressure concerns in the 160/115 range.
That was my wake up call that something needed to drastically change. Over the past two years I’d allowed myself from overwhelming stress and poor dietary habits to go from about 185 pounds to a new record of 218 pounds!

After being put on high BP meds by my doctor, it came down into the 130’s /100ish range. Then it went to close to 120/80. Which is perfect, right? Wrong. The whole 120/80 thing is the ‘average’ BP and what is touted as the sweet spot, but it varies per individual.

Also, I found out from my pharmacist who’s been in the business for 45+ years, that all the BP average tests were done with people lying down in a bed in control studies. Not people sitting upright in a chair, like how they take your BP at the doctor. Results differ.

At 120/80 BP I feel exceedingly lightheaded. My feet also got swollen like balloons from the low BP not being able to push my blood around adequately. I’ve always had what I consider ‘poor circulation’, even since youth, so that didn’t help.

The first thing I did is cut out the sugar cold turkey. That saw an immediate improvement after about three days of being tired from lack of the sugar high all the time. Now I’m drinking about two regular coffee cups worth of decaf every day with either a teaspoon of almond milk (a little bit of sugar in there) or Trader Joe’s Coconut Beverage as a creamer. (Zero sugar in the TJ Coconut.) I’m also using Stevia in the Raw, which has Dextrose mixed in with it.

After that, I stopped taking my BP med. My BP is now in the 130/93 range without the med, which is better than where it was WITH the med and eating all the crappy carbs and sugars.

My BP can spike as high as 140 on a super stressful day, or if something snuck into my diet that shouldn’t have been there, but overall I feel fantastic compared to what I felt like only a few weeks ago.

Going forward I’ll be filling this blog with things as the mood strikes, though I’ll try to keep it updated semi-daily so as to have a record of progress. I’ll end it with my current weight, as a note to myself so I can easily track my progress as the weeks go on without having to note it down somewhere separately.

Current weight: 209